Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If You Get One Thing Done Today

No one wants to listen to one more person on a soapbox. Accordingly, I'll be brief.

If you do one thing today, let it be to cast your vote.

It's what we get to do here in America. All of us. We aren't frightened that someone might beat us when we leave the polls, imprison us, kidnap our children, or burn down our businesses because of our political views. We don't stay home from the polls out of dread. No. We vote and we get on with our day.

Think about that for a moment, would you?

With 305 million people in this country, we have nearly as many perspectives on how life should be lived. We have a history of struggle and persecution. In so many ways, we have little in common with each other. In spite our differences, though, we share a dogged commitment to bring about change by voting, not violence. This is what makes us American.

And what a blessing that is. To think, the most we have to worry about when it comes to voting is a long line.

I bet that you can wait in line for this chance to vote. So, please go vote today. It matters.


Foodycat said...

... and a plea from someone who doesn't get a vote in this election! Your vote today can change the course of world history. So please choose wisely for all of us.

Sarah said...

Foodycat: Thank you, and hopefully we have done just that. I'm going to remember this election for the rest of my life.

Foodycat said...

Yes - I am hoping this is a turning point. A great day!

muddywaters said...

Great message. My four-year-old daugher voted a preschool, and she was so excited to tell me all about it. She voted for McCain, and even though her choice differed from my, I praised her and tried to explain the importance of voting in elections.

I hope that I can instill a sense of civic responsibility in her, and I hope she realizes that we all have the power to make this world a better place.