Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wit Bier

I love beer.

That didn't come out right.

What I mean is that I love good beer. The first time I tried St. Bernardus Tripel, it was a revelation. Until then, beer was wallpaper. It was just something to drink if nothing else was around.

The Tripel smelled like honey and tasted like oranges and coriander. I drank it in silence, savoring it like something rare and fragile.

Now, I'm a fan of Chimay. Allegash, Avery, and Ommegang produce great beers as well. My husband--who not only loves good beer, but also knows a lot about beer, the brewers, and so on--will rarely pass up the chance to try a beer that he's never seen before. Sometimes, we discover something completely unexpected--like I did with that first Tripel--sometimes, we just enjoy the beer for what it is.

The other day, Steve brought home this case of squat steel cans. "It's not a case of Ensure," he said by way of a preamble.

It sure does look like Ensure in the case. Especially because the cans are shorter than regular beer cans. It's beer though, and while it's not the best Belgian wheat beer I have ever tasted, it's pretty refreshing for something that comes from a can.

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